fringe of happiness

For the project Reinventing Happiness in Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch I made a series of 6 pinhole paper negatives (90 x 120 cm).

Almost every square centimeter in this city is part of a very stringent development plan. But some places manage to escape any form of organization. These places are mostly rather small.But they remind me that freedom and happiness can only exist within their restrictions. I crossed the city in search of these soothing patches of urban space.





Did everything by bike.I loaded my 120×90 Canvas Cam on a sack trolley, as well as some supports. One hand on the trolley en one on the steer of my bike.



This photo was shot on epiphany (6th of january)

It was only after the development that I realized is has indeed a resemblance of the three kings.

A kind of magic.

weeping woods


(direct-positive baryta paper, 115x155cm)

interior of the MPL

I I want  explore photography as an act of catching time.

 The pinhole camera is humble, pure & simple and the best instrument to deal with time & the passing of it.

The Mobile Pinhole Laboratory is a kingsize pinhole camera. It is developed for experiments on very large format paper negatives. I use PE & baryta paper, negative  & direct positive. Roll paper & paper sheets. Really anything I can get my hand on. I try to work as simple & basic as possible.  The camera also functions as  darkroom , laboratory  & shelter.