der Hase ist ein kühnes Tier


Pinhole image from the performance ‘Der Hase its in kuhnes Tier’.  As true hermits, we locked ourselves up for one week in a large vault under the theater.

The ‘Bananacam’ (pinhole camera made from a bananabox) was a crucial element of this performance that combined sound-art, dance and slow photography. The 20 minute performance was captured in one image (40×50 cm barytapaper) en was processed live with the audience at Theater de Nwe Vorst



ditch, reversed

Another experiment from the Obscuravan/MPL. 130×130 cm on Ilford matte baryta paper.

I used multiple pinholes on this one. One of the first experiments with the ‘reversed process’, where I tried to transform the negative to a positive image. After developing, I bleached the negative with potassium dichromate and sulfuric acid before redeveloping it in normal light.

fringe of happiness

For the project Reinventing Happiness in Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch I made a series of 6 pinhole paper negatives (90 x 120 cm).

Almost every square centimeter in this city is part of a very stringent development plan. But some places manage to escape any form of organization. These places are mostly rather small.But they remind me that freedom and happiness can only exist within their restrictions. I crossed the city in search of these soothing patches of urban space.





Did everything by bike.I loaded my 120×90 Canvas Cam on a sack trolley, as well as some supports. One hand on the trolley en one on the steer of my bike.