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ditch, reversed

Another experiment from the Obscuravan/MPL. 130×130 cm on Ilford matte baryta paper.

I used multiple pinholes on this one. One of the first experiments with the ‘reversed process’, where I tried to transform the negative to a positive image. After developing, I bleached the negative with potassium dichromate and sulfuric acid before redeveloping it in normal light.

grill pit

Shot the pit with the MPL . I used expired  Ilford paper as negative (30x40cm). Instead of a single pinhole, I used a    pinhole sieve. The negative was developed in caffenol, the positive  print  in regular developer.

the woods

I made a new pinhole camera for 4×5 size paper sheets. I randomly punched a couple of holes in an area of about a square centimeter.So the camera has multiple pinholes instead of just one, and they have different sizes.

I loaded the camera with Harman Direct Positive paper, headed for the woods, and waited for something to happen.