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interior of the MPL

I I want  explore photography as an act of catching time.

 The pinhole camera is humble, pure & simple and the best instrument to deal with time & the passing of it.

The Mobile Pinhole Laboratory is a kingsize pinhole camera. It is developed for experiments on very large format paper negatives. I use PE & baryta paper, negative  & direct positive. Roll paper & paper sheets. Really anything I can get my hand on. I try to work as simple & basic as possible.  The camera also functions as  darkroom , laboratory  & shelter.



the woods

I made a new pinhole camera for 4×5 size paper sheets. I randomly punched a couple of holes in an area of about a square centimeter.So the camera has multiple pinholes instead of just one, and they have different sizes.

I loaded the camera with Harman Direct Positive paper, headed for the woods, and waited for something to happen.